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This morning you had promised yourself you would be home no later than 6PM. But when the clock strikes 8PM you are still hovering over your desk going through a long list of potential new cases. Earlier that day, your meetings with clients and case assessments took longer than expected. So you end missing time with your family or even having to cancel dinner plans with friends. The imprisonment, the entrapment, and frustrations you feel as a result have incentivized you to search for other possibilities. Or perhaps, you have already done so and found them, but they ended poorly. Past attempts at systematizing the process of bringing in new cases have led to low returns or wasted resources and time.

If this resonates with you, stay, read further, and contact us or schedule your Discovery Call.

The Meaning Behind Our Service

Encouragement and Facilitation of Entrepreneurialism

The founder of Miras, passionate about entrepreneurialism, and fond of those who have chosen to walk its path, believes the road to success in entrepreneurialism should be encouraged and supported.

A young entrepreneur, William, armed with an innovative idea and brimming with enthusiasm, embarks on his business journey. As he begins, the road seems bright and filled with limitless potential. But like so many before him, he soon encounters challenges – from securing capital to managing logistics, and worst of all, a lack of support and understanding from those around him. With every obstacle, his initial passion dwindles. Eventually, overwhelmed and disheartened, James abandons his entrepreneurial dreams. Witnessing this scenario time and time again deeply affected me. As someone who always harbored a passion for entrepreneurialism, I felt the pain of individuals like James. I've been there; I know the weight of those challenges. That's why I founded my marketing agency. It wasn’t just to provide advertising services but to genuinely support, encourage, and facilitate the entrepreneurial spirit. We're here to ensure that aspiring business leaders don't just start but flourish and see their dreams realized.

The Expansion of Global Access to Legal Aid

From personal experience, we have often seen people being misled, scammed, due to a lack of knowledge in regards to their rights. The story goes: Maria, a hardworking individual living in a bustling city, suddenly finds herself facing a legal predicament. A corporation, with its immense resources, is encroaching on her property rights. Another time, she's unfairly treated by her state due to an administrative error. But Maria, like countless others, remains unaware of her legal rights and the potential remedies available to her. Instead of seeking justice, she remains silent, feeling powerless against larger entities....and the end result - the unaware citizen pays a costly price for their innocence and naivety.

Witnessing such injustices and the uneven playing field in accessing legal aid deeply moved me, Yassin Lamalmi. I've seen too many Marias forsaking their rights simply because they lacked knowledge or felt overwhelmed. That's precisely what drives my marketing agency's purpose. By helping law firms extend their reach through digital advertising, we aim to bridge the gap, ensuring that individuals worldwide, regardless of their background, can access the legal aid they deserve and need.

Our Ethos

Glass Transparency

In a dance, both partners move in harmony, each step and motion aligned to create a seamless performance. Similarly, in our partnership with law firms, alignment is key. Transparency is our chosen path to ensure our motives, actions, and goals resonate perfectly. By openly sharing our strategies and insights, we ensure that our incentives align, propelling us forward with maximized efficiency. This clear and candid collaboration is not just our commitment; it’s our strategy for mutual success. Together, through unobstructed clarity, we march towards our shared destination.

Destination Focused

Picture a ship captain, intently focused on the lighthouse in the distance, steering clear of any distractions that might drift him off course. That's us with our goals. The path may be vast, and distractions plenty, but our gaze remains locked onto the destination. We understand that the essence of reaching our aspirations lies not just in setting them but in the relentless pursuit of them, undeterred, focused, and unwavering.

Enjoy The Climb

Think of a mountaineer, scaling a peak. Yes, the summit is the goal, but every step, every breath, every little challenge faced along the ascent is savored. That’s our approach to the process. While the destination is essential, the journey there is equally, if not more, valuable. We believe that the road traveled, with its ups and downs, imbues the final goal with its true worth. It's not just about getting there; it's about embracing and cherishing every moment of the climb.

Never-Ending Climb

Imagine reaching the pinnacle of a mountain, only to see a range of higher peaks beyond. Just as one goal is met, another emerges on the horizon. That's our belief. Achievement is not a finite game; it's a continuum. While we celebrate our milestones, we're ever ready for the next challenge, the next peak. In our world, there's no final destination, just endless horizons waiting to be explored.

Disbelief In Failure

Consider a sculptor, chiseling away at a block. Each chip, each mark, whether intended or accidental, brings him closer to his masterpiece. To us, setbacks are not failures; they are invaluable lessons, refining our path. We understand that genuine failure isn't in making mistakes but in surrendering to them. Each stumble, each challenge, only propels us forward, sharpening our strategies, strengthening our resolve. In our playbook, the only true defeat is the act of giving up.

The Law Firms We Serve By Practice Area

~ Mastery Demands Focus - We Do One Thing And One Thing Only!

Family Law
Personal Injury
Employment Law
Estate Planning & Probate
Tax Law

The Path To Entrepreneurial Climax

~ This is the road through which we guide you to reach the highest state your law firm can be in!

Discovery Call

We start with a no-strings attached preliminary call. The purpose of this call is to get a clear idea of your current situation, your goals and any other relevant information for us to make you a killer offer! Here you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Offer Call

In this call we will provide you with an offer based on the information we received during our Discovery Call. After we have come to an agreement we will set a kick-off call and start date.

Kick-Off Call

The purpose of this call is for you to meet the marketer responsible for managing your ad campaigns. From this moment, the actual work starts and the marketer you will meet will have the opportunity to go deeper into your marketing strategy, regarding offer, ideal client, etc.

Research & Preparation

After the kick-off call, we will continue with further research and start creating the ad creatives as well as setting up the campaign. This phase usually lasts a week.


Actual launch of the ad campaign is usually a week after the kick-off call. Here we have formed our strategy, created all the ad copies and narratives as well as the landing page, optimized the funnel and set up the campaign settings. Then LAUNCH!

Testing & Tuning

The work doesn't end with the launch. Your campaigns will need constant supervision and management by analyzing the performance of each ad. If we find a winner, we don't change anything and the losers get adjusted. In this phase you will be consistently kept up to date with weekly reports and meetings.

The Founder's Story

Yassin Lamalmi

At the esteemed Leiden University, while immersed in law books, I wasn't daydreaming of court battles, but of entrepreneurial conquests. I've always been deeply moved by the idea of unlocking individual potential, and as I charted my academic path, I was inspired by tales of visionaries from all fields. It dawned upon me that I had the potential to bring change, to create, and to positively shape societal matters. But my initial forays into the world of business met with obstacles. It was in these trying times that I recognized my true calling: a merger of my love for entrepreneurialism and human behavior in the realm of marketing.

Time, that relentless, ticking nemesis, is the unseen villain that many law firm owners grapple with. Beyond the intricacies of legal cases, they face an avalanche of managerial duties, client acquisitions, and myriad administrative tasks. With every tick, the mountain seems steeper, and the vision hazier.

Yet, in this whirlwind, I see them: the indomitable law firm owners. Those who set out not just to practice law, but to dictate the trajectory of their firms. a legacy. Handpick the cases that resonate and pioneer unique legal solutions. Perhaps, even pursue a deeper meaning or purpose in life and establish a legacy in doing so. It's for these visionaries that I stand, ready to champion their cause, alleviating the marketing burden and letting them soar to entrepreneurial heights they've always dreamed of.

Yassin Lamalmi

CEO & Founder

The Introduction

Embarking on a transformative campaign begins with a single step: our Discovery Call. A no strings attached meeting. This isn't just another sales pitch. Instead, it's a deep dive into the intricacies of your law firm, tailored to understand your unique challenges and aspirations. I'll be asking pointed questions, not just to get to know you, but to craft a precise offer. An offer that outlines not just pricing but tangible, realistic goals that we aim to achieve for your firm.

In the digital era, advertising isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Harnessing its power doesn't just position your firm in the forefront of potential clients, but it also bestows upon you benefits too essential to overlook:

  • Regained Time: Redirect your focus on critical legal work, or managerial tasks that demand your attention.

  • Work-Life Harmony: With a streamlined marketing strategy, you're not only buying effectiveness but also time—time to spend with loved ones, to rejuvenate and refresh.

  • Revenue Boost: With optimized digital marketing, comes an influx of cases, translating to a direct increase in your firm's revenue. It's not just about more clients, but about the right clients.

However, excellence demands exclusivity. Our commitment to providing unparalleled service means there's a cap to the number of law firms we partner with at any given moment. Every passing day isn't just a missed opportunity, but potential revenue and time lost. So why wait? Secure your spot, and let's unveil the future together.

Discovery Call

45 Mins
Our Discovery Call ~ A no strings attached meeting. This isn't just another sales pitch. Instead, it's a deep dive into the intricacies of your law firm, tailored to understand your unique challenges and aspirations. I'll be asking pointed questions, not just to get to know you, but to craft a precise offer. An offer that outlines not just pricing but tangible, realistic goals that we aim to achieve for your firm.

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